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EWN provides a unique service that significantly reduces risks from severe weather, natural hazards, infrastructure failure, internal crisis and other emergencies. 

 The services we provide: 

     - Protect personnel, assets and operations from the impacts of natural hazards 

     - Avoid disruptions to operations 

     - Make it easier for key staff to identify pertinent threats and take appropriate action 

     - Activate appropriate emergency responses to direct threats 

     - Reduce business risk through better management and use of critical information 

     - Anticipate resourcing requirements for mitigation, management and recovery 

These benefits apply to all businesses. There are also specific aspects of our services that have applications for key industry sectors with particularly acute safety and operational needs. Here are some examples below..

Heavy Haul - Rail 

EWN services help prevent delays and derailments through anticipating and pinpointing likely locations for track washouts and buckling. We also meet logistical needs through improving information flows to benefit operational and rolling stock management.


Our 24/7 365 day a year services ensure Telecommunication and ICT infrastructure clients can better protect their staff, contractors, assets, business operations and services. We can reduce the cost and risk through better asset and resource allocation management before, during and after severe weather events. Our products enable improved response and recovery through rapid survey and damage assessment post-event. We also reduce network downtime by improving awareness of power outages and other possible eventualities. 


Our services assist the insurance sector in reducing claims and losses through effective warnings whilst also maximising the opportunities for customer acquisition and retention provided by severe weather events and natural hazards. EWN services enable insurance sector clients to more effectively allocate current resources and anticipate/respond to events as they happen whilst leveraging the benefits of new technologies.

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