What we do


Aeeris provides protective asset and location-aware early warning services for severe weather, all natural hazards and identified threats to business operations. We deliver time critical information geographically to those that need it, when they need it, over multiple channels.

  1. We monitor ALL hazards and threats nationally 24x7, 365 days per year
  2. We identify and track severe events in real time warning those to be affected
  3. We capture, validate, filter and issue alerts simultaneously via push notifications, SMS, landline, email and twitter - accurate to ten metres of where people are located
  4. We work with our customers to understand their individual needs. This involves gaining an in-depth understanding of how their business operates and what the primary risks are posed to them by severe weather/all hazards and other threats. This tailored approach helps to save lives and protect property and business operations.
  5. We develop and provide innovative systems, tools and mobile applications to reduce risk and improve safety