Our Story

Aeeris is the developer, operator and provider of the Early Warning Network and our multi-channel, Geographic Notification and Information System (GNIS) which was built to help protect lives, property and business. This system has been operating continuously since early 2007 is used to deliver millions of alerts Australia-wide. The company's easy to implement solutions mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary threat to life, injury to personnel, damage to business and costly compensation claims. Our vision is to provide excellence in early warning, asset management and hazard reduction technologies and services to the community, commercial and government clients alike.

We are passionate about safety and doing all that we can to ensure people are informed in time to help them make the right decisions when facing imminent danger from the elements or other man-made hazards. Aeeris has saved the community hundreds of millions of dollars and protected critical business operations. Our vision at Aeeris is to become the pre-eminent data aggregator and principal disseminator of information relating to all weather-related and geospatial hazards, globally. The rapid evolution of technologies such as wearables and their accompanied capabilities has also provided a fertile environment for Aeeris to capture new markets and to innovate. As the digital economy continues to grow rapidly, and more data becomes available on every possible phenomenon, our strategy is to build our subscriber base revenues in the international market, as an addition to our already growing Australian base.

What we do

Aeeris provides protective asset and location-aware early warning services for severe weather, all natural hazards and identified threats to business operations. We deliver time critical information geographically to those that need it, when they need it, over multiple channels.

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We monitor ALL hazards and threats nationally 24x7, 365 days per year


We identify and track severe events in real time warning those to be affected

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We capture, validate, filter and issue alerts simultaneously via push notifications, SMS, landline, email and twitter - accurate to ten metres of where people are located


We work with our customers to understand their individual needs. This involves gaining an in-depth understanding of how their business operates and what the primary risks are posed to them by severe weather/all hazards and other threats. This tailored approach helps to save lives and protect property and business operations.


We develop and provide innovative systems, tools and mobile applications to reduce risk and improve safety

Meet our Board of Directors

Kerry Plowright

Executive Chairman and CEO

Bryce Reynolds

Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting/Finance UNSW Director

Nathan Young

Independent Non-Executive Director

How we do it

EWN personnel analyse national and international datasets to capture severe weather and natural hazard threats 24/7.


Employing specialised data modelling EWN specialists build location based predictive threat and event forecasts. An event may be a positive but critical incident in which forewarning allows advantageous planning.


Automated EWN systems monitor remote sensors and data then compare this to business specific criteria to identify potential threats likely to affect EWN customers.


The GNIS geo-locates all events and maps their impact on our client base.


Expert Alert Operators continually monitor and analyse data displayed by EWN’s main primary alert system.


When specific warning thresholds are met and verified by EWN Alert Operators and precise locations confirmed or applied by Operators, alerts are issued for the registered location through EWN’s Geographic Notification and Information System (GNIS)


The GNIS reports back to operators the status of alerts issued


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