From our Chairman

Dear Investor,

On behalf of my fellow directors it is with great pleasure that I present you with the opportunity to participate in the ownership and future growth of Aeeris Limited (Aeeris).

Aeeris is the operator of The Early Warning Network (EWN), which is Australia’s only national location-based Severe Weather and All Hazards early warning service. EWN provides early warning alerts, data services, technology and systems to commercial operators and government authorities, for emergency management, public notification purposes, and to ensure protection of staff, citizens, property and business operations from disruptive geospatial events.

Our proprietary technology platform ingests remote sensor, weather and a range of other data from multiple sources. The system generates location specific alert warnings for a diverse range of threats to help users to prepare. These include but are not limited to storms, flooding, hail, fire, tsunami, traffic incidents, power outages, sensor threshold criteria, geomagnetic events and a growing array of other hazards.

Operating since 2007, EWN now has over 185,917 registered users of our digital platform and mobile apps, plus over 100 significant corporate and government clients to whom we provide critical data, systems, and alerts in Australia. Aside from growing our customer base here in Australia we are confident of growing our network and market reach into many other countries in the years ahead, and have recently acquired our first major corporate customer in North America. With an established growth momentum our unique service is positioned for a rapid expansion to businesses and governments here in Australia and internationally.

Whether you believe in manmade climate change or not, conclusive empirical data shows that weather volatility is increasing around the planet, causing more frequent and larger weather events, storms, hurricanes, floods and ice events. This is precipitating greater costs to economies, governments, businesses and citizens around the world. Critical infrastructure such as electricity grids, telecommunications, gas lines, roads, rail and ports are impacted, as are myriad of commercial operations, municipal assets, and of course the insurance industry.

Disaster Risk Management is an increasingly important economic function, and the products and services provided by Aeeris are targeted at this growing market opportunity.

As the digital economy continues to grow rapidly, and more data becomes available on every possible phenomenon, our vision at Aeeris is to become the pre-eminent developer, aggregator and disseminator of information relating to all geospatial hazards, globally. Added to this is the rapid evolution of technologies such as wearables and their accompanied capabilities, which provide a fertile environment for Aeeris to innovate and capture new markets.

On behalf of my fellow Directors I look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder.



Kerry Plowright

Executive Chairman and CEO

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