Board of Directors

Kerry Plowright

Kerry Plowright

Executive Chairman and CEO

Kerry is the founder and major shareholder of Aeeris and the Early Warning Network. He has been the key driver behind the development of the Company's technology platform and services offering, and has been instrumental in commercialising the operation during its recent rapid growth phase.

As CEO Kerry is responsible for leading the Aeeris team in both the operations and further technical evolution of the EWN platform, but also taking a central role in the corporate sales process. Kerry is an inspiring evangelist for the merits of the Company's capabilities, and a motivated stakeholder in pursuing the Company's development.

Kerry Plowright is an Ex-army officer and keen environmentalist. He has led environmental remediation teams into Kuwait following the First Gulf War to mitigate the effects of oil fires and spills in the aftermath of the war.

Kerry was executive Director of Earth Trust South Pacific. He later led a unique project in 1991 to map the New Zealand coast using GPS encoded aerial oblique video. To accomplish this he built New Zealand’s first certified microlite float plane which he piloted. During this time Kerry was also Editor and Chief of New Zealand Green Magazine, with a distribution of over 60,000 members.

In 1995, Kerry established a digital publishing and software business called Ezimerchant, which created one of the world’s first out-of-the-box e-commerce and DIY website products and payments platforms.

In 2007, Kerry developed The Early Warning Network’s Geographic Notification and Information System (GNIS). The GNIS is the world’s first multi-channel location based early warning service for severe weather and other geo-spatial hazards.

Kerry is not an independent director as he is (and will on completion of the Offer remain) an executive of Aeeris, and a substantial shareholder of the Company.

Ben Loiterton

Ben Loiterton

Executive Director

Ben is Executive Director and a substantial shareholder of Aeeris. He was instrumental in restructuring the business and capital structure of the company over the past year in preparation for the Offer.

As Executive Director Ben is responsible for financial management of the Company, which includes corporate finance, reporting, and corporate transactions. Ben also plays a central role in business development, corporate sales opportunities, and driving growth of the Company's operations, products, markets and capital base.

Ben has had a career spanning over 20 years in corporate advisory, investment management and entrepreneurial activity. He has advised and assisted many ASX listed and private companies in equity capital raising, IPOs, M&A transactions and general strategy.

Ben is a Principal at Andover Group, a Sydney-based independent investment banking firm established in 2003. Prior to joining Andover Group, Ben held senior executive positions at three ASX listed investment companies, as well as corporate finance roles with two mid-market stockbroking firms. He has co-founded or advised several start-up businesses.

Ben is not an independent director as he is (and will on completion of the Offer remain) an executive of Aeeris, and a substantial shareholder of the Company.

Bryce Reynolds

Bryce Reynolds

Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting/Finance UNSW

Bryce has been involved in the finance industry since 1986. His experience includes funds management (Prudential Assurance Ltd), proprietary trading (Macquarie Bank Ltd) and stockbroking. Since 2000 he has broadened his experience to investment banking activities encompassing advisory, mergers and acquisitions and equity capital markets. He has worked with two mid-market Australian securities firms before establishing Veritas as a founding director in 2006.